fantastic fun show is back!

2008-07-11 12:07:31 by mortimernova

after a 4 year hiatus, nate and i are getting back to what we love to do: drink until it hurts! wait... no... we never stopped that... uhh... oh, yeah! making sock puppets do things! if you aren't old men like nate and i, maybe you don't remember the fantastic fun show. well do your homework, skippy! now ride that train and watch some fantastic fun show!

side note: no, that's our saddam will not be coming back.


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2008-08-18 20:18:53

Shit I left a comment on one of your songs thinking you wer a different dude. Damn I can be a moron sometimes. >_<

mortimernova responds:

it happens. i'm just glad we've has this opportunity to share this moment. now let go of my hand... it's getting sweaty.